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This is the spot on the webpage where I use some cool buzz words and tell you how passionate I am and persuade you that I am a first-rate researcher and writer and that you would be doing yourself a most egregious disservice if you didn't contact me now to find out about all the nifty ways I can help you and your organization charge straight into the future and stampede over your competition like a red-hot, raging bull with fire in his eyes!

Pissed-Off Bull


Need research? For you, dear madam or sir, I can research a broad range of topics, including:

Big, hard data is increasingly important when it comes to planning your company's future.

I can help you tune out the noise and find data that will make a difference in how you engage your market and clients.


There is a giant shift going on right now in the media world. Everything is changing. What to focus on?

First focus on the huge migration from traditional media to social media that's happening right now.

If your business is not on the social media train yet, well, then, get on the train. Now. Yesterday. Really.

Why is social media so darn important you ask. Because it allows you to do two things well:

The two birds, one stone deal. There is info out there right now just waited to be sifted through. Engage with your customers and they will engage with you. They will tell you what they like and don't like. Take the time to ask and you will be surprised how much great feedback you'll get directly from your customers.


You need help from a good writer sometimes, right? Well, what a win-win situation we have here!

I'm happiest when I'm writing, so if you need some help churning out written content, bring it on. The various types of writing I'd be happy to help you with include:


The only thing better than gaining knowledge is sharing knowledge! Especially when you find people who are interested in the same things you are! I have performed countless training seminars in person and over the web. You may not have the time to gather research and teach yourself about all the changes in your industry.

No time? No worries!

You will get a structured training curriculum that will provide you with the knowledge you need to start gaining market share.

Your competition is out there now building a presence through the web and social media. There can only be a few recognized experts in any field or marketplace. Start building your online presence to help build your reputation.

Also, experts all agree that talent scarcity for high-skilled positions will increase in the future. Take steps now to ensure success by acquiring, training, and mentoring the best talent in your industry.

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Isn't just a Rolling Stone's song to me. It's something I really try to give my customers. So, then they will hire me to do some more awesome work for them. Repeat business: that's the key. There's a nickel's worth of free advice.

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